Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 8th Farmer's Market Thank You

Well, it sure was a very interesting day yesterday at the Farmer's Market in the Kentlands area.  First, the temperature reached to be near the 90's and was very hot.  Then, by the time it was time to clean up for the day, the wind started to come.

We would like to thank those who came and bought Soap Socks and Crayon Carriers.  We also would like to thank those who took business cards, as well.  It was nice to see so many Customers coming to see what we all had for sale.

Next week, we plan to have sales for the early holiday shopping season.  So, please come to our table and either place an order for a holiday gift (we have a form for orders), or purchase one on the spot at that moment!  We are bringing hoods and other winter related items with us.  Hope to see you there!

Well, this is all for right now.  More knitting news to come soon.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Stay  safe!

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