Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pictures for June 2017 (Cuadros para junio de 2017)

Here are some pictures I had taken recently.  The first two pictures were taken a few weeks ago.  They are of a knitted Backpack I had done as a gift.  The Backpack can come in any color or size.  It can also have a drawstring so you can open and close it with nothing falling out when on a person's back.
Aquí están algunos cuadros que había tomado recientemente. Los dos primeros cuadros fueron tomados hace unas semanas. Son de un Petate tejido que había hecho como un regalo. El Petate puede venir a cualquier color o talla. También puede tener un cordón por tanto lo puede abrir y cerrar con nada que se cae cuando en la espalda de una persona.

For the third picture, that was taken today at the Olney Farmer's and Artist's Market.  It was a very warm day during the market.  We were lucky that there was a cool breeze every so often before everyone had to go home for the afternoon.
Para el tercer cuadro, que fue tomado hoy en el Mercado del Agricultor Olney y Artista. Era un día muy caliente durante el mercado. Éramos afortunados que había una brisa chula cada tan a menudo antes de que cada uno se tuviera que ir a casa para la tarde.


susanlindsey said...

Nice to meet you at the Market today! Can't wait to use my drawstring pouch to collect soap bar slivers, prevent waste, and save money. Thanks ��

Knitting by Leah said...

You're welcome and glad you can use the Soap Sock! I know it's going to help a lot.

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