Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mill Creek Parish 2012 Holiday Craft Event & KBL's Event Schedule

Hello everyone!  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far.

At yesterday's event for Mill Creek Parish, there were a lot of different kinds of items that the Vendors were selling.  One of the Vendors had a table that was for the pull tabs from soda cans.  She takes the tabs from the cans and uses them to create purses, wallets and any other item you can think of.  She has asked me to help her collect the pull tabs and let her know when I have more than 10 tabs so she can get them from me.

Also at the the event for Mill Creek Parish, there was a Silent Auction for those items the Vendors had given for the table.  If a Vendor's item has been given a bid, those that got the highest bid will be notified on Monday by the Church.

We would like to thank those who had bought hoods, tissue carriers, dish cloths and crayon carriers.  We also would like to thank those who had been to our table and took business cards.  It was nice to see how many Customers wanted to buy early gifts for the holidays!
Mill Creek Parish
Holiday Event
For the next few weeks, this is the Knitting By Leah event schedule.  We hope to see you all there!

November 2012

11-10:  Kentlands Farmer's Market

Time:  10 AM=2 PM
Place:  In the Main Street Pavilion

11-17:  Forcey Christian School Craft Show and Bake Sale 2012

Time:  9 AM-3 PM
Place:  2130 East Randolph Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904

December 2012

12-1:  First Baptist Church of Gaithersburg

Time:  9 AM-3 PM
Place:  200 West Diamond Ave., Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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