Sunday, April 12, 2009

Denim Purse With Bamboo Handle Update & Other Projects

Well, it's Sunday and I had been working on the Denim Purse again today. I made a hole for the button and also did some work on the flap. Once the button is attached, I plan on taking some pictures of the purse for you all to see.

Speaking of knitting, I made some phone socks using the Maroon and Orange yarn skeins. I'm making more phone socks that are the colors of the National Kidney Foundation. I'm hoping to sell all 6 phone socks at this upcoming Flea Market on Saturday. If I do end up selling all of the phone socks that are Maroon and Orange, I will let you all know about it. I am also planning on donating a $1 for each sock that is that color to the NKF (National Kidney Foundation) after the Flea Market is done for the day.

Well, I better go for now. Keep on reading!

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