Friday, August 20, 2010

Team Colored Can Cozies (Fundas guardalatas con colores de equipo)

I have decided to knit team colored can cozies for the upcoming Celebrate Gaithersburg Day event that the City of Gaithersburg ( is hosting. Some of the team colors will be for schools and others will be for professional team sports. I plan to start working on the can cozies this afternoon.

He decidido tejer guardalatas con los colores de equipos para la próximo celebración del día de Gaithersburg, evento del que la ciudad de Gaithersburg es el anfitrión ( Algunos de los colos de los equipos serán para los de los colegios y otros serán para los equipos deportivos de profesionales. Pleneo empezar a trabajar en los guardalatas esta tarde.

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Clara said...

I didn't know what were Can Cozies... When I looked pictures in google, I thought it is a fantastic idea. I am sure that people will love all of them you make, Leah. You are great.

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